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The kimono (着物) is a traditional garment worn by all Japanese people—men, women and children. The word “kimono”, which literally means a “thing to wear” (ki “wear” and mono “thing”), has come to typify these full-length robes.

At Inspire Space Hiroo we provide the opportunity to dress in traditional Japanese kimono. We can also teach you how to wear the many different styles of kimono. If you take lessons in a group, you can learn how to dress each other—which will give you much better overall knowledge of the intricacies of wearing kimono.

Kimono Dressing Service

(Dressing only, kimono not included)

If you have a kimono—or have rented or borrowed one—you can come to Inspire Space Hiroo where our kitsuke-shi (着付師), or professional kimono dresser, can dress you in the appropriate style suited to your garment.

For dressing only, our professional dresser can also visit on your own premises.

      • Kids: from ¥3,500
      • Yukata: ¥3,000
      • Women’s hakama: ¥5,000
      • Women’s kimono: from ¥6,000
      • Women’s furisode: ¥12,000
      • Shiromuku & uchikake: ¥20,000
      • Men’s casual kimono: ¥6,000
      • Men’s formal kimono (Haori & Hakama): ¥10,000

Those prices are not included tax.

Kimono Rental & Dressing Service

We know that most foreign people don’t have their own kimono. So if you want to the real experience, Inspire Space Hiroo offers kimono rental and dressing sets for you to enjoy. We can dress women, men, and couples in the many styles of formal and casual kimono.

Casual kimono set for women / 2 days from ¥12,000

The tsukesage and homongi are the most common form of kimono worn by women. These are worn when visiting and going out for the day, and are worn by both married and unmarried women. Our kimono set for women includes:


        • Kimono (homongi or tsukesage)
        • Nagoya obi or fukuro obi (sash)
        • Kimono accessories (obi-jime belt, obi-age sash, naga juban underwear, three koshi-himo cords, obi-ita board, obi-makura pillow, core of collar {eri-shin}, korin belt, date-jime belt, tabi socks)








Furisode set for women / 2 days from ¥24,000

Furisode is the colorful formal kimono with long loose sleeves worn by unmarried women. They are usually worn at coming-of-age ceremonies and by unmarried female relatives of the bride at weddings and wedding receptions. The furisode rental and dressing set includes:


        • Furisode
        • Fukuro obi (sash)
        • Kimono accessories

Zori sandals and bags are not included in this set, but can be supplied for a nominal extra charge if needed







Wedding style kimono (shiromuku or uchikake) set / 3 days from ¥84,000


              • Shiromuku or uchikake for women
              • Kakeshita
              • Kakeshita obi
              • Kimono accessories

Wedding style kimono for couples set / 3 days from ¥105,000


          • Shiromuku or uchikake set for the lady
          • Kakeshita
          • Kakeshita obi
          • Kuro montsuki hakama set for the gentleman
          • Kaku obi
          • kimono accessories

Kimono photography set—¥20,000, one hour

Casual kimono set for men / 2 days from ¥10,000


  • Kimono
  • Haori jacket
  • Kaku obi
  • Kimono accessories (Haori-himo cord, naga-jyuban undergarment, hada-jyuban underwear, three koshi-himo cords, tabi socks)








Formal kimono set for men / 3 days from ¥29,800

Suitable for special formal occasions and weddings.
(Kuro Montsuki Haori Hakama)


                • Kimono (kuro montsuki)
                • Haori jacket
                • Hakama skirt
                • Kaku obi sash
                • Kimono accessories









Kimono Class


We offer private and group instruction, a beginners course and a one-day refresher course. We also offer courses on dressing yourself, kitsuke-shi (professional dresser) as well as a Japanese bridal kitsuke course.

Please join us in studying the techniques and beauty of Japanese kimono and help introduce this wonderful culture to the world.

Beginners Course

If you have never seen kimono before, or just interested in learning more about the kimono, Inspire Space Hiroo offers an intorductory beginner’s course in the art of kimono. In this course you can learn basic knowledge of the kimono and its wear plus how to tie an obi by yourself.

kimono lesson

            • One lesson: 120 mins/¥7,000
            • Basic beginners course: 12 sessions and costs  ¥72,000 (private) or  ¥48,000 each (group)
            • Short basic course: 6 sessions and costs ¥39,000 (private) or ¥27,000 each (group)

If you want be a professional Kimono dresser, please ask us.




Japanese bridal kitsuke Course


                • 16 lessons: 180mins/¥302,400
includes Katsura, Make-up and tax.










Wedding Dress

If you can’t find fits your size a dress, please ask us.We can make for you and also we can fix your dress too.

Wedding Dress Order & Rental Service

Party Dress Order & Rental Service

Kids Party Dress Order & Rental Service


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