Canadian BBQ

July Canadian BBQ Menu

Last Sunday, Inspire Space Hiroo had it’s first official event—a true Canadian-style barbeque, grilled under the blazing sun on the roof of our Hiroo property.

With a menu created and prepared by Mike Gervais from Montreal and kettle-style charcoal barbecues presided over and grilled on by Jeff Richards from Vancouver, the cook-out offered a chance for the 26 hungry guests to try out some gourmet Canadian backyard barbeque cuisine.

Mike’s menu consisted of a tossed salad with palm hearts and balsamic vinaigrette, potato salad, devilled eggs, chicken skewers with onion and red peppers, maple sausages and the main attraction—charcoal grilled bacon cheeseburgers.

Chicken on the grill

Chicken on the grill

For beverages, premium Canadian wines (courtesy Jamie Paquin of Heavenly Vines in Ebisu, a boutique importer of Canadian wines) were served: a crisp, fruity reisling and a cherry red cabernet—both from Ontario. And to help beat the heat, a beer from Canada’s largest independent brewer, Moosehead Pale Ale.

Up on the roof

Up on the roof

Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves and by the end of the evening everyone went home sunkissed and extremely full.

Here is a gallery of photos from the afternoon:




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